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Technology for Seniors

We have created a series of seminars focusing on Technology for Seniors. With over 35 years in the IT Business, we have extensive experience and

knowledge of today's technologies including computers, smart phones, tablets and Fire Stick / IPTV solutions. 

Our objective is to introduce our company and share our years of knowledge and experience with everyone.

We encourage participants to bring their laptops, smart phones or tablets to the se


Our goal is to have attendees  leave our seminars feeling comfortable using and getting the most out of their technology solutions.

Desktop & Latop Computers

We encourage participants to bring a laptop computer to learn and follow along.

Smart Phones & Tablets

Bring your phone and learn how to sync your phone to your computer.


Corporations have spent millions of dollars studying the benefits of ensuring the technology employees use is ergonomically designed to prevent health issues and create a comfortable working environment. 


We bring ergonomically designed accessories such as keyboards, mice, monitors and monitor stands to allow participants to see, feel and purchase these recommended products.


We offer USB drives for sale filled with links to these products so that the participant can purchase them directly from Amazon. We prefer clients purchase these items directly from Amazon themselves.

FireStick & IPTV Options

The costs of traditional TV providers

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