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Web Site Design

In 2014 Google confirmed there are now more searches performed on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) than desktop / laptop devices. This trend will continue to increase in the foreseeable future. In order to remain competitive and to promote a leading edge / modern appearance on the internet it is imperative your web-site is optimized for both desktop and mobile users. Most web-sites designed within the last 2 to 10 years were designed with the desktop / laptop user in mind.


From a purely numerical standpoint, it appears that the mobile search audience is greater, and therefore more valuable, than the desktop search audience. Google has long been a proponent of mobile searches, gradually helping the technology along by offering a distinct layout for mobile searches.


Mobile users would see mobile-friendly sites listed in higher positions than non-mobile-friendly sites, and would have better overall online experiences because of it. Google took their commitment to mobile online experiences a step further on April 21st, 2015, when they unleashed the unofficially nicknamed “mobilegeddon” update.


While the hype was much more dramatic than the actual algorithm change, the new mobilegeddon rules determine whether a site is mobile-friendly or not, and either reward or punish that site accordingly—both on mobile and desktop searches. A number of sites were hit with this update, but if you haven’t updated your site to be mobile compliant by now, you’re already behind the times and could be missing out on significant search traffic.


Naples Computer Support has partnered with to design / redesign new or existing web-sites to appeal to today’s mobile internet users and comply with Google’s mobilegeddon design rules for mobile user access. Let Naples Computer Support create a new more modern web-site optimized for both desktop and mobile users. Your image with both existing clients and future clients may be enhanced significantly.



There are three costs associated with building a web-site


  1. First, you must have a registered “Domain Name”. For example, our domain name is www.NaplesComputerSupport.Com. Our vendor,, charges $14.95 per year for domain name registration. If you already have a domain name this initial cost would not apply to you with Wix but you do have to continue paying your annual fees to your existing domain name vendor.

  2. The second cost is the need to have your web-site “Hosted” by a company that has a fast reliable internet connection and a team of support personnel. charges between $4.08 and $24.92 per month depending on several options. We use their “Unlimited” Plan which costs us $12.92 per month / $155.04 per year.

  3. The third cost of building a web-site is to have it customized to your specifications. has many templates which are easily customized, many people can customize a template themselves. If you want us to design / customize a web-site for you we charge $300 for a typical 4 to 5 page web site. We can also do one one one sessions remotely at our posted rate of $100 per hour.


The bottom line cost comes to around $470 for the first year and about $170 for each additional year.


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